Orland Park Landscaper builds Custom Rockscpapes, Koi Fish Pond, & Waterscapes.

Koi and other goldfish can grow very large, sometimes reaching lengths of over 3 feet. They’re best housed in large ponds with a TON of filtration and weekly water changes. With the right size pond, filter and other equipment, caring for koi and goldfish can be lots of fun.


Tips for Custom Rockscapes, Koi Fish Pond, & Waterscapes

  • Try to stock as few fish in your pond as possible.
  • You can also add water lilies to add flare to your pond.
  • Birds of prey can be a detraction to a Koi pond. If this is a problem then you can stretch netting or chicken wire over the pond to protect the fish, but if this is not an option then hanging strips of tin foil directly around the pond will deter birds.
  • You don’t have to have Koi in your pond. You can have goldfish, tetras, or turtles! Just make sure the pond has a land surface if you have turtles.
  • If you want your fish pond to have a different color, you can color the inside of the pond with spray paint before the protective paint!

For more information on having  DC’s Lawn and Landscape build your Koi Pond, Waterscape, or Rockscape call us today!

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